Georgia-based FinListics Solutions is a B2B sales leadership company that promotes insight-led selling. FinListics teaches B2B sales professionals how to elevate their sales to the C-suite. Currently FinListics is operating in more than 32 countries worldwide and continues to expand its global footprint annually.


President and Founder Dr. Stephen Timme started the company more than 20 years ago. With a beginning in academia, Dr. Timme was a finance professor at Georgia State University when Fortune 500 companies would often approach him for consulting projects. Eventually, he was asked by UPS to work with them for a year, which led to another and additional consulting roles. After several years of teaching and consulting, Dr. Timme left academics to begin a quickly expanding business.


As a thought leader, Dr. Timme realized that sales organizations were reciting facts and figures without explaining how their solution’s impacted a client’s bottom line. He founded FinListics to help sales professionals boost their knowledge of financial metrics, and relate those numbers to their client’s business goals and challenges.


By providing an end-to-end solution for sellers — combining the education that explains the “how” with the analytics that shows the “how much” — FinListics equips sellers to position their solutions in the terms of the decision maker’s bottom line.


With decades of experience and expertise, FinListics helps Fortune 500 companies and thousands of sales professionals close larger deals quicker through proven selling techniques, quality sales intelligence, and tools to map their solutions to clients’ key financial metrics.




ClientIQ testimonial
ClientIQ testimonial
Executives want insight into how a solution can help them and how much business impact it delivers. 
Dr. Stephen Timme
FinListics President & Founder

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Our ClientIQ insight software and Insight-Led training help you formulate business cases based on quantitative and qualitative analyses. We start by understanding your team’s current level of financial background and build a baseline to measure improvement. By working together to identify your target markets, industries, and sectors, we help you build specific and financially-focused expertise that drives value for your clients. Our approach and tools, which can be integrated into any sales methodology and CRM, help you demonstrate value by aligning your solution to key performance metrics while using analytics to show its benefit.


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