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Finlistics is a team of professionals who are all focused on bringing finance to sales executives through meaningful, valuable solutions.

Finlistics /fin-`lis-tiks/

financial linguistics; finance as the language of business.

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Finlistics began as a way to help sales organizations explain how their solutions create value for clients. Dr. Stephen Timme, a finance professor at Georgia State, was doing consulting work for Fortune 500 companies on the side when he realized sales organizations were reciting facts and figures without explaining how their solutions impact a client's bottom line. He started Finlistics to help sales professionals boost their knowledge of financial metrics, and then relate those numbers to business goals and challenges.

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We provide the tools and education to help sales professionals build business cases that include both quantitative and qualitative analyses. We start with an inventory of what you have. Then we help you build a solid foundation of knowledge. Next, we work with you to develop financially focused, industry-specific expertise for industries your organization is targeting. We include tools to map your solutions to clients' key financial metrics, show how your solutions created value, and create analytics to show the financial benefit of your solutions. All Finlistics products can be integrated into any existing sales methodology.

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  • DHL - Supply Chain
  • FedEx
  • Genpact
  • HP
  • NetSuite
  • Microsoft
  • SAS Trainers
  • Manhattan Associates
  • Cisco
  • IBM
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Vineeta Nair

Senior Manager

Vineeta Nair is responsible for research, analysis and developing content for client deliverables. The research and content creation necessary to customize materials for individual clients “is the most critical piece,” says Vineeta. As sales departments become less product-centric and more customer solutions based, matching client performance drivers with their company’s solutions becomes increasingly important. FinListics’ tools help its clients’ sales professionals do just that.

Raised in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, Vineeta pursued a finance career after her professional education in accounting and finance. She holds a Chartered Accountant degree from India and CFA charter from the US. In Mumbai, she worked in various financial roles: from a five-year stint as a treasury manager for Kuoni Travel, a luxury holiday company headquartered in Zurich, to project work for Boston Analytics. In her position with Kuoni, Vineeta enjoyed helping establish the company’s presence in India.

Vineeta traveled to the U.S. to join her husband in Atlanta, first working for a brokerage firm based out of Florida and then as a finance manager for Church’s Chicken. She joined the FinListics team in 2012. “I love the analysis part of my job,” she says. “I learn from it.” When not at work, she is busy raising her toddler, enjoying the outdoors and catching up on her reading.

Vineeta’s long term goals focus on the social sector and she is interested in finding ways to leverage her skills to make an effective contribution.

Hayden Stanford

Operations Manager

Hayden Stanford never saw herself working for a company like FinListics. “FinListics gave me an opportunity, and I wasn’t afraid to jump in and prove myself,” says Hayden, Operations Manager.

Before joining the FinListics team in late 2016, Hayden worked as a personal trainer at a boutique-style facility in Alpharetta. Looking to move away from the fitness industry, she stepped out of her comfort zone and applied for a position at FinListics.  “Since beginning work here, my life has changed drastically. I love being able to work in such a supportive environment with a company that is constantly growing and evolving.”

Hayden oversees the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the office. It is her job to make sure everything for Dr. Timme and her co-workers runs smoothly and efficiently. She ensures due dates are met by the team, and is the central point of contact for scheduling meetings and webinars. “It’s like herding cats,” She says. Hayden also heads FitFinlistics for the office, another great way she contributes her skills to the team. “I’m thrilled to be able to help my work-family with their fitness goals, along with their goals of having a perfectly coordinated calendar.”  

When she isn’t busy at work, Hayden enjoys watching Game of Thrones, reading, weight training, and traveling. She prides herself on her daily Fitbit steps, and does her best to keep the FinListics team on their toes with weekly “Workweek Hustle” challenges.  

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