Melody Astley

Melody Astley joined FinListics as VP of Sales and Strategy in June 2013. Melody’s previous positions include senior sales posts at Gartner and IBM, where she earned a “Best of IBM” award as one of the corporation’s top 500 performers worldwide.

Having utilized FinListics’ solutions while at IBM, Melody understands how instrumental they are when building a business case for a company’s products and services. In her role at FinListics, Melody is responsible for building the sales and marketing engines that spread the word about FinListics’ solutions and grows the business strategically.

“We live to help sellers. Sales cycles are more complex with more stakeholders than ever before” Melody explains, adding that the way to structure a deal has changed. “Sellers must have the ability to craft messages that capture value for each of these stakeholders.”

According to Melody, a compelling seller understands the client from a financial and operational perspective, and aligns their solutions to the client’s strategy.  FinListics, notes Melody, gives sellers the insights they need to start these conversations and communicate impact to the bottom line.

She earned her MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University and received her undergraduate degree in Marketing / Management Information Systems from Ohio University.

When not at work, Melody loves spending time at the beach, traveling with friends, and trying to keep up with a 10k or half marathon that she has on the calendar.