The Importance of Insight-led Selling and 3 Focus Areas to Sharpen your Practice

August 17, 2017 | Melody Astley

Forrester research well documents that buyers’ expectations have changed. They want their sales teams to bring thought leadership and reveal something unknown about their business, rather than simply promoting a solution’s features and functions.

The umbrella term “Value Selling” long defined the approaches that sales teams implement to challenge their customer while proving their worth. Due to customers’ hunger for a new way – a way to learn something new from their vendor partners – we should explore the evolution from value selling to insight-led selling.

One obstacle to consistently practicing insight-led selling is that insights are hard to find consistently! How can you tell a customer something they don’t know or have not thought about before? We have some ideas….

In our upcoming series, we go deeper into each of the three pillars of insight-led selling – financial insights, business insights, and industry insights – and show you how to find, and use, these insights in your client conversations.

Posted in Executive Industry Insights, Selling Strategies

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