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What challenges are top of mind for your client? Which opportunities invigorate them? Client IQ delivers the facts, figures and forecasts to make a strong business case and show value throughout the buyer’s journey.

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Understand Your Client's Needs

With company and industry specific information, we have knowledge that will help you position your product or service in a way that will have clients nodding.

These insights are presented in an easy-to-digest format, highlighting the greatest opportunity for improvement based on historical and industry trends. Soon, you'll be making a case for the value of your solution that can stand up to the toughest buyer's scrutiny.

Measure the Value of Your Solutions

What gets measured gets improved. And with the tools to calculate your client's true performance indicators (KPIs), you can easily show clients how much they stand to gain by adopting your solution.

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of our clients report stronger relationships with executives

How valuable are Client IQ's deep insights and analyses? Most of our clients report that having access to Client IQ helps them develop stronger relationships with executives. With these numbers in your favor, you can't afford to rely on best guesses and shallow observations.

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Additional Features

Focus on generating benefits for a line of business or for the whole company. The choice is yours.

Client IQ generates actionable insights within seconds. And with its intuitive interface, it strikes the perfect balance of aesthetic and utility.

Select your account and compare them to their peers. Find their performance gaps and areas for improvements. Then make your move.

Client Success

...the performance metrics that are being presented and how to judge a company with their business and industry peers, is of great value. I haven't seen any like this before."
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Technology comes and goes, but the language of business is always relevant. We will help you build a foundation in the three dimensions of insight-led selling: business, financial and industry.

  • Learn the skills most valuable to your career
  • Customize the courses to meet your needs and your schedule
  • Get an inside track on the buyer’s journey from industry executives
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Find out why Client IQ is the leading platform for financial insights.

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