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How is a company performing?
How can my solution make an impact?
What is my prospect focused on right now?
What do I need to know about their industry?

What can you do with ClientIQ?

1. Gather Credible Research

Form a current industry point of view with new industry-specific content such as external and internal performance factors, market disrupters, trends and risks.

Quickly understand industry performance through Growth and Profitability insights.

Gather Credible Research

2. Get Better & Faster Insights

ClientIQ points you to Customer Priorities based on current performance so you can align your pursuits to what matters most to your customer.

Get the info you need on demand - understand what's included in each metric & what drives it.

Filter insights through any lens - business function, currency, peers & priority.

Find more details in annual reports and investor presentations for publicly traded companies around the world.

Get Better and Faster Insights

3. Strategize Your Sales Approach

Build a selling approach that focuses on how your solutions can impact target companies' financial priorities.

Translate those financial priorities into actionable operational KPIs that matter to your buyers.

The prescriptive nature of the pursuit map provides an easy-to-use seamless approach to connecting the dots.

Strategize Your Sales Approach

4. Craft a Value Based Message

Discover: Common industry strategies & initiatives your buyers are likely undertaking to address pain points. Provides questions you can ask to better uncover those pain points.

Advocate Solution: Model improvement to financial metrics and related operational KPIs selected in the pursuit map.

Value Modelers: Do a deeper analysis and explore other opportunities using the Value Modeler tool.

Craft a Value Based Message

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"Finlistics presents performance metrics in a way I haven't seen before. It's simple to analyze a company historically and against its peers and industry. Great value - a real game changer."

- Client Executive, IBM.

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