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Develop A C-Level Perspective


Knowing the trends and market forces shaping your prospect’s industry gives you a competitive edge. Through our live and virtual workshops, we provide the tools and resources for you to understand your prospect’s perspective better and more easily affirm the impact of your solutions. From content to delivery, our training will give your team the sales skills to become more relevant to the decision makers at the top.




A Tailored Fit


Sometimes one size doesn’t fit all, when your needs require it, we will tailor the curriculum to meet your objectives.


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Skills For success


Live or virtual learning, consume it how you like. Our topics include:

Financial Intelligence

Learn how to analyze a company from a financial perspective. Compare a company to its peers and industry. Bring your points to view to customer conversations.

Financial Acumen

Learn the basics of the language of business – finance. Understand how money flows in and out of a company and how to discuss financial performance with your customers.

Industry Financial Insights

Gain a deeper perspective of the financial performance of an industry - coverage of 22 different industries.

Executive Insights

There are 6.8 stakeholders in every deal, and each person values something different. Learn what is top of mind of buying executives and how to change your language to capture buyer-specific value.

Industry Insights

Uncover the micro and macro trends that impact different industries, and how they are responding to them. Identify industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and how your solutions can impact them.

Line of Business Insights

Understand the complexity of large organizations – how they create budget, how they align to achieve company goals and strategies, and why what they value can vary greatly - even in the same company.

Financial and Operational Insights

Identify the different functional areas of an organization, and understand the processes and KPIs they undertake to achieve company goals and measure success.

Solution Mapping

Bridge the gap between technology and business with our custom solution maps. We blueprint the value chain from customer strategy to solution KPIs so sellers can make a direct connection to business impact.

Developing Compelling Proposals

Highlight the attention- grabbing value stakes beyond just TCO. Quantify the value of the business outcomes delivered by your solution.

Building a Better Business Case

It’s not all about the hard money. Learn how to incorporate the qualitative elements like cost avoidance and risk management that make for a complete and compelling business case.

Navigating Clients Through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation impacts all companies and industries. Develop a forward- thinking perspective about how your solution can accelerate the customer’s journey.

Selling to the CxO

Work directly with CxO coaches on the buy side who own P&L, have sat through 1000s of (mostly ineffective) sales calls to maximize impact with CxOs.

Elevating Client Conversations

Do you feel stuck at a lower level at your customer than you should be? Blocked by a gatekeeper? Work with our executive coaches to navigate complex organizations and make your messaging executive-relevant.

ClientIQ testimonial
ClientIQ testimonial
An awesome, very useful program. It works by moving you from feature-and-function thinking to thinking more from the client's perspective.

- Client Director Financial Verticals of Software Analytic Company

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