When you learn the language of business – finance - your message will resonate with clients now — and years from now. Our virtual and live workshops with industry executives will sharpen your business insights and deepen your financial intelligence.

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Develop an executive-level perspective.

What does the business landscape look like from your client's corner office? To know which trends and strategies will affect their business, you need to look at their industry like an insider. We have the tools and resources to help you understand context, broaden your perspective, and gain deep insights. Once you have this invaluable knowledge, you can identify new ways your solutions will create value for your clients.

  • Explain the value of your solutions
  • Become fluent in the language of business — finance
  • Work at your own pace with online courses
  • Identify key industry challenges
  • Gain deeper industry knowledge

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We work with you to create a customized education plan. From content to delivery and timing, we're here to help you learn when and where it's convenient for your sales or marketing team. Contact us today to discuss your goals.

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Gain the insights you need to have smarter, value driven conversations

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An awesome, very useful program. It works by moving you from feature-and-function thinking to thinking more from the client's perspective."
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Client IQ

Our data insights platform delivers the facts, figures, and insights you need to make a strong business case and show value to your clients throughout the buyer's journey.

  • View customized, easy-to-consume analyses in just moments
  • Target a line of business, or company-wide benefits
  • Do peer-to-peer comparisons with up to four companies
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