Sales Success Begins with Proper Training

Only 16% of sales leaders say they have the talent they need to succeed in the future. FinListics provides university sales curriculums with the tools and knowledge they need to ensure student success.

Today’s sales environment presents a new challenge. It’s no longer enough to recite a solution’s features and functions from pitch decks. Sales professionals need to understand how their company’s solutions will affect their client’s bottom line.


At FinListics, we can help you prepare your students to face today’s sales challenges. Our proprietary technology, FinListics ClientIQ, helps students understand the operational impact of what they are selling through the language of finance.


As part of your curriculum, FinListics ClientIQ, will shift your students’ thinking by showing how key business, financial and industry data can be utilized to create alignment between sales teams and prospect needs.


With FinListics, you can prepare tomorrow’s sales leaders by providing the education that explains the how, the analytics that showcase the how much and the confidence to bring the two together to engage prospects at the business level.

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- Educates students on the language of finance.
- Lays the foundation for stronger real-world sales dialogue.
- Challenges students to move out of their comfort zone and achieve more.


Create a Value Proposition 

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