Learning and Development Services

Improve Sales Readiness.

Enhance Revenue Enablement.

Accelerate Performance & Results.

Teach, train, and coach enterprise sellers to think, speak and act like the executives they sell to.

We wrote the book on Insight-Led Selling, literally.

For nearly three decades we’ve been teaching advanced-level sellers how to:

  • Adopt an Executive Mindset
  • Build Credibility & Trust
  • Communicate with Impact
Insight-Led Selling: The Book

Business Acumen and Financial Literacy Earn Sellers a Seat at the Table.

As a recognized leader in Insight-Led Selling and performance improvement, we train enterprise sellers to speak the language of leaders using financial narratives built around performance and results.

With our training sessions sellers learn to:

  • Conduct pre-call research & preparation like a business analyst
  • Read & interpret company financial statements
  • Analyze the financial health of a company using trends, ratios, and benchmarks
  • Identify the financial metrics executives are focused on
  • Compare and contrast financial performance against industry benchmarks & competitors
  • Understand key industry trends, developments, and risk factors impacting business strategy & decision-making
  • Identify common goals, strategies, and initiatives
  • Build connections between initiatives and business outcomes
  • Discover how markets, segments, and LOBs contribute to a company's financial performance
  • Develop strategic account maps that inform sales pursuit strategies
  • Script talk tracks that engage and resonate with executive buyers
  • Spot potential areas of opportunity your solution can address

Insight-Driven Outcomes


Average time saved on account preparation


Of sellers report increases in average deal size


Our customer's average increase in deal size 


More confidence in ability to reach decision-makers

Equip sellers to effectively engage executives, earn trust, build credibility, and win deals.

Learning Services-27

Financial Acumen | Industry Financial Insights

Self-paced instruction on the key internal and external drivers. For front-line sellers looking to learn the language of leaders and frame executive-level conversations.

Learning Services-28

Elevate Client Discussions | Insight-Led Selling

Executive coaches and instructors, limited class sizes, and a highly interactive and tailored curriculum ensure salespeople are learning by doing. For beginners through advanced level sellers.

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