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Introducing ClientIQ Journeys

We've completely rethought the entire way you interact with ClientIQ.

ClientIQ has always given you many options for performing comprehensive financial analysis so you can find the right insight. But it also required that you knew what you were looking for, and how to go about finding it. With Journeys, we've reimagined how people use ClientIQ to be focused on getting one thing done at a time.

Journeys are specific, guided user experiences that focus your attention on a single output.
We've started with our two of our most common use cases:

Get The Meeting

Prospecting is tough with a 1% to 3% response rate. The key to getting better responses is messaging effectiveness i.e. how relevant is your message to the prospect? The Get the Meeting Journey helps you create more relevant outbound messaging that includes the prospect company’s area of financial performance, and potential financial benefits for KPIs that are important to an executive.

This journey walks the user the user through selecting the right account and inputs to produce an email that can be copied and pasted into any email client. it includes all the top points that might want to make to get the attention of a decison-maker, without the user having to actually write the email in the first place.

ClientIQ Journey Email
Prep a Meeting

Prep For A Meeting

Once you have the meeting, how do you prep for it in the most effective way? You know its better to present a business and financially focused presentation—and to avoid the feature/function trap—but how exactly do you do that? The Prep for a Meeting Journey was designed to answer this very question.

This journey walks the user through selecting the right account and inputs to produce a PowerPoint deck that helps tell a story to support a sales effort. The deck includes all the charts and graphs and metrics to help the user best make their point to a decision maker, and hopefully move the opportunity to the next stage.



The way you access Journeys is brand new too! We call it the Dashboard, and it's your new homepage within ClientIQ.
From the Dashboard you can:

  • Start a new journey
  • Open a saved journey
  • View tutorials
  • View your favorite and recent accounts
ClientIQ Welcome Screen

Everything else is exactly where you left it

While we think the new Journeys experience makes it easier than ever to get things done, the existing ClientIQ interface remains exactly the same. The same Accounts and Industries pages are still easily accessible via the top navigation.

client iq screen

ClientIQ Makes Enterprise Sellers Exceptional, Without Exception

ClientIQ is your strategic sales intelligence platform to grow pipeline and strengthen sales productivity. Based on our 20+ years of industry and financial insights, we partner with sales teams to uncover big opportunities for your client success, provides you the credibility to deliver the right solution, and allows you to drill down on KPIs that matter in an ever-changing business landscape.

With Client IQ, your team will highlight solutions to help clients drive their business forward. Your team will act, think, and sell like business leaders focused on growth utilizing the right financial data and insights.


Grow Your Sales With Smart, Insights-Led Selling Solutions 

Illustrate your customer's needs with smart data 


Company Insights

Get key insights about your customers quickly.


Financial Analysis

See how your customer is performing overall, and compare them to the industry and against their peers.


Segment Data

Look at data for the entire set, or just within certain segments that you care most about.


Industry Goals

Understand what the industry is thinking about, and where it's going at the macro level.



Ask the right questions to convey your understanding of their company and industry in detail.

Power Of One


Power of One allows you to model solutions to align to customer’s business and financial priorities.

The Power of One changes how you discuss growth, define success values, and track crucial KPIs.

The Power of One changes the conversation to focus on metrics that are impactful and showcase growth that is possible.

Empower your sellers to step into the conversation to influence, command, and conquer it.


Harness Our Industry Heritage

to Level Up Your Journey

Whether you’re an expert or novice, ClientIQ by FinListics can add value and strengthen your sales motion conversations with the end goal to land and expand your clients. 

Journeys is ClientIQ’s newest offering. A prompted, self-guided approach that leads sellers down a personalized path that puts you in the mindset of your customer. We focus on discovering your customers' unspoken needs and transforming those discoveries into robust, tailor-made solutions that drive growth. 

Journeys prepares sellers for any conversation with a client or prospect. Are you prepping for a meeting with a stakeholder at a key account? There's a Journey for that. Need to craft the perfect email to a prospect? There's a Journey for that too.  We know being a closer can be hard work. Journeys makes it easier.

Satisfied Customers

Hear what our satisfied ClientIQ users have to say...

Building Pipeline:
Overall, ClientIQ supports the creation of approximately $4B-$6B of new opportunity pipeline each year."

Partner​, Global Strategic Sales​

Breaking Into New Accounts:
I’ve broken into five white space accounts because of ClientIQ. I leverage ClientIQ’s Pursuit Profiler for my first touchpoint and the ClientIQ Discovery Questions to help hone my messaging."

Brand Sales Specialist, Automation Software Sales​

Finding Prospects:
ClientIQ has definitely helped me in my prospecting... it is a much quicker means to a wealth of information than if I had to research it all separately."

Global Sales, Senior Integration Technical Specialist

Account Planning:
I use ClientIQ for Client Account Planning purposes, in order to identify new opportunities and building our pipeline for future quarters."

Global Sales, Account Technical Leader

Increase Productivity:
It definitely saves me time and makes me more productive."

Infrastructure Sales Specialist

Expanding Effectiveness:
It saves me a lot of time. "Suggested Questions" are a good way to lead a conversation with line of business people."

Principal, Business Automation, Software Sales

Core Customer Interactions:
We use ClientIQ to develop great insights... ClientIQ is a staple in our "Value Pools" creation for our customer presentations.

Kudos to our team for bringing this tool in house!

Strategic Partnership Leader

Strengthen Customer Relations: 
ClientIQ insights has transformed our understanding of the clients’ macroeconomics, strategies, and priorities. I highly recommend ClientIQ to any team seeking to strengthen client relationships."

Partner, Business Transformation Services

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