"With ClientIQ, in five minutes our sellers can gain financial insights that would typically take them days if not weeks."
— Gordon Galzerano, Cisco


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"FinListics provides buyer specific questions that help steer the conversation. By allowing you to select the C level role of your buyer, combined with the specific data and insights relevant to that buyer, sellers can better position themselves as a trusted advisor for the client." — Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools

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Why Financial Fluency Matters

There will always be the latest technology trend or business buzzword, but true financial fluency matters because it's a skill that will never become obsolete. While trends that impact a business change over time, the core principles of finance remain constant. Learning how to speak to the C-suite on the issues that matter most is an essential skill.


What does the business landscape look like from your clients’ corner offices? To know what will impact their businesses, you need to look at them like an insider. Our data insights platform delivers the facts, figures, and insights you need to make a stronger business case and show value throughout the buyer's journey.



With company and industry-specific information, FinListics ClientIQ will help you position your product or service to show clients how much they stand to gain.

The insights are presented in an easy-to-digest format that highlights the greatest opportunities. Soon, you'll be making a case for the value of your solution that can stand up to the toughest buyer's scrutiny.



Gordon Galzerano

Director, Worldwide Sales

"Through our partnership with FinListics Solutions, we've had the opportunity to leverage their expertise and their client research platform, ClientIQ. I highly encourage people to invest in and adopt ClientIQ."