Surviving an Economic Downturn as a SaaS Provider

Inflation and the threat of an economic downturn have caused many C-suite executives to reexamine their budgets and put spending constraints and cuts in place to control costs and preserve margins.

An area of concern for many is the spending on SaaS solutions, which has ballooned over the past few years.

As a SaaS Provider, this year's renewal may not go as planned. We are hearing seller horror stories where easy renewal conversations are being met with unexpected cancellations, downgrades, and churn.

In this panel discussion, we gather SaaS revenue leaders and selling experts to better understand what is likely coming your way, and ways to not only be ready but turn this trend to your advantage.

You will learn how to:

  1. Be ready for tough budget and spend discussions

  2. Turn the discussion from price and usage to outcomes and value

  3. Assure retention and reduce churn

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