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We Empower Sales Teams with Actionable Insights

FinListics' mission is to be at the forefront of the sales motion industry by offering transformative partnerships and adaptive excellence. We empower our clients with customer insights, data, and strategies to anticipate and meet unspoken client needs, drive meaningful business outcomes, and challenge the norm for continue growth.


About FinListics

Our name, a fusion of “financial linguistics” reflects our unique heritage.

In a rapidly evolving sales landscape, where understanding your prospect's every challenge and opportunity is crucial, FinListics Solutions stands as more than just a traditional sales motion offering. Our name, a fusion of “financial linguistics” reflects our unique heritage: an unswerving commitment to placing financial and business insights and evolving data at the core of who we are and how we act. For nearly two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of transformative sales motion partnerships that Level Up your entire customer lifecycle.

Our award-winning sales intelligence platform, ClientIQ, is an embodiment of this heritage. ClientIQ anticipates and addresses the unspoken needs of your clients. We work to provide ongoing, multi-dimensional, lifecycle solutions to drive meaningful business outcomes for you and your clients.

At FinListics, you're not just keeping pace with the modern sales transformation; you’re on our journey to define it.

Dr. Stephen Timme – A Visionary in Financial Insight Selling

Meet the innovative mind behind FinListics Solutions: Dr. Stephen Timme, our Founder and President. With an academic background that boasts professorships in Finance at esteemed institutions like Emory University and Georgia State University, Stephen has always had a fervor for finance. However, his vision extended beyond lecture halls; he saw an unmet need for transformative business and financial analytics.

In 1992, he transformed this passion into a reality by founding FinListics Solutions. With roots initially in consulting, the company has evolved into an industry leader in Insight-Led Selling, benefiting companies across 128 countries and enriching thousands of sales professionals with a deeper understanding of financial and business objectives.

Stephen is the embodiment of our ethos: "Buying executives don’t want a sales pitch; they want solutions that address their goals and deliver real value." His leadership ensures that FinListics continues to empower sales teams to speak the complex language of today's buyer, offering insights that resonate and create impact.

Book Mockup

We Literally Wrote the Book … and Defined the Industry

Not many industry leaders can say they wrote the book which defined and drives an industry, but we can. Our founder, Dr. Stephen Timme’s book "Insight-Led Selling" set the gold standard, pioneering a sales philosophy that has become essential in today's market. The book is backed by the wisdom of business giants like AT&T and Coca-Cola.

This is no ordinary sales manual. Get the guide by the visionary who started it all.

Our Executive Team

The Architects Of Our Success

Ben Cagle-round

Ben Cagle

Chief Customer Solution Officer

Ben is a global business and technology solutions partner that works with C-Level global clients across multiple industries and government entities. He’s worked for globally recognized brands on four continents and established virtually unknown brands into global enterprise accounts.

Elise Bagget-round

Elise Baggett

Chief Financial Officer

 With over 10 years private and 20 years public accounting in audit of privately held businesses, Elise’s experience and insights aid her leadership of the accounting and human resources functions at FinListics. Elise also oversees financials that keep operations running smoothly.    


Trevor Goss

VP of Product Management

Trevor has extensive technology industry experience including sales, marketing and product development functions, all built around defining value propositions, identifying target customers, developing go-to-market strategies, and building technology products.

dana-reid_about-us-team 1

Dana Reid

Senior Research Analyst

  As a key research analyst, Dana delves into industry trends, crafts custom reports aligned with company goals, and creates transformative e-learning materials. Her comprehensive approach to industry research, coupled with her knack for identifying crucial KPIs, equips clients with unparalleled insights.  

Our Lead Coaches

Coaches-Candy-Conwayjpg 1

Candy Conway


 As AT&T’s Global Operations Vice President, Candy managed pivotal digital transformations. Her innovative strategies and leadership acumen are evident as she led a massive team of 5,000 employees, navigating them through a significant re-skilling in software engineering and managing to reduce expenses by 10% on a substantial $300M.

Coaches-Eric-Greene 1

Eric Greene


 Eric brings experience that spans from Fortune 500 companies to startups and has held positions such as President, Chief Marketing Officer, and even founded a successful boutique consulting business. His journey in the corporate world has seen him drive profitable growth consistently, regardless of the business size.  

Coaches-Roger-Luca 1

Roger Luca

Lead Facilitator

 With 30 years in sales and marketing, Roger has made significant strides in his career. At Sirius Computer Solutions, he showcased his leadership prowess by increasing annual revenue from $30M to an impressive $65M, and as Senior Vice President of Sales for Mainland Information Systems, he catapulted the company's revenue from $75M to $700M, making it the world's largest IBM Business Partner.

Coaches-Mike-Buoscio 1

Mike Buoscio


Mike's tenure with IBM saw him in key executive roles, managing the company's relationship with some of its most significant clients. His strategic initiatives ensured integrated value delivery across multiple product and service areas. Post his time with IBM, he shares his expertise with the next generation, teaching at Bradley University's Foster College of Business about leveraging today's key technological forces for business advantage.

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