Speak the right financial and business language to Level Up sales.  


Level Up Your Financial and
Business Language

As industries, clients, prospects and even your sales team evolve, you need a new sales vernacular to make sure your full team is speaking the right business and financial language to each of your customers. Today’s customers and prospects are more demanding and discerning and your team has to be prepared to have customer-first, insight-led conversations from the beginning. 

For decades, FinListics has partnered with companies to teach executives and sales leaders at all levels the art of using business and financial language, insights, and data to close the deal and grow the relationship. We understand and train your team to Level Up their financial and business acumen to use across all sales touchpoints. Explore our library of materials to Level Up your team’s knowledge on how to start and drive the right conversations.

Transform Your Team’s Financial and Business Acumen To Thrive

Industry experience and expertise only get your so far in today’s rapidly changing customer sales cycle. InsightsIQ is the partner you need to educate your full team on the solutions-driven language of sales.  

InsightsIQ ensures your team is speaking the right business and financial language from the moment you start working with us. We educate everyone from novices to executives on the challenges and needs in today’s customer-first sales culture. We prepare them to speak confidently on business and financial realities that matter to prospects and clients.  


FinListics Business Acumen Levels and Training Courses

FinListics Academy

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The Right Partner Drives the Right Results For The Enterprise

With more than 20 years in training, the FinListics’ team has the depth of lessons learned to enable any sales team or executive to become a masterful relationship builder and closer – regardless of how demanding a prospect or client can be.

InsightsIQ by FinListics utilizes our proprietary approach to build powerful sales motion language and competencies any team needs. We build and grow Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced sales motion skills and conversations to drive enterprise sales success and grow revenue.

Training Where You Need It Most

Reduction in 
time to close
by upleveling

Increase in
average deal
size for new 

Reduction in
planning time
while improving quality
and consistency

The Key Features of InsightsIQ


We start with assessments of sales competencies to identify strengths and gaps. Additional assessments before and after completion of each program will measure improvement.



Based on findings from assessments, tailored plans are created to leverage strengths and close gaps using the right InsightsIQ courses.



Plans are executed with collaborative, reflective, and integrated purpose.  Business and financial benefits for each plan are measured to ensure a strong Return on Investment.


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