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It’s not only the financial insight that’s key, it’s what you do with it that matters.


Master Insights-Led Selling:

FinListics Is The Only Sales Motion Partner You Need

FinListics is more than just another sales motion platform or approach; we've revolutionized the way sales teams approach solutions for their clients. We delve deep to uncover the financial and business insights, data, and issues your customers haven't even articulated yet, transforming those discoveries into sales strategies that evolve and redefine your sales success.

Power Your Sales Motion With FinListics

Data Analysis Made Simple

Leverage the power of data to make informed decisions and drive sales growth.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Predict future sales trends and optimize your revenue strategy.

Efficient Prospecting Tools

Identify and target high-potential leads with ease and precision.

Proven, trusted, and embedded into the sales culture of leading global enterprises.

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The Only Sales Intelligence Platform You'll Ever Need

ClientIQ is the most comprehensive sales intelligence platform on the market. It gives you access to a wealth of information about your prospects and clients, including their financials, industry trends, competitive landscape, and social media activity. With this information, you can see your prospects like never before and develop a winning sales strategy. 

Transform Your Sales Strategies and Win More Deals

With ClientIQ, you can uncover hidden opportunities, understand customer buying behavior, and make data-driven decisions to drive sales success. 

50% More

Increase Your Win Rate with Actionable Sales Intelligence

50% Less

Reduce Sales Cycle Time with
Data-Driven Insights

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Master Financial and Business Linguistics to Rule Your Sales

The sale doesn’t end with a signature. This is just the beginning of cultivating and growing the relationship.

For three-decades, we’ve been at the forefront of teaching sellers how to use financial and business language insights, and data to become master sellers who close and grow. Explore our informative webinars, video series, and blogs to learn the latest in the sales motion industry.

Data-Driven Analytics

Leverage data-driven analytics to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and opportunities. With InsightsIQ, you can analyze large volumes of data to gain a deeper understanding of your market, customers, and competitors.

Actionable Recommendations

Get actionable recommendations tailored to your specific business needs. FinListics provides personalized insights and recommendations to help you optimize your sales strategies and achieve better results.

Powerful Sales Insights

Gain quick and reliable insights about your B2B customers and prospects with the FinListics platform. Our easy-to-use and engaging sales intelligence solution provides valuable information to help you make informed decisions and drive sales success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the platform and its functionality.

Do I need to replace my current sales process?

No. ClientIQ compliments all value-based sales processes like Challenger, MEDDIC, Richardson, ValueSelling, etc. Think of ClientIQ as the plus to these process by providing deep clients insights like goals and strategies, financial assessment, stakeholders’ initiatives and operational KPIs, solutions’ value quantification.

Which stages of a sales motion does ClientIQ apply?

ClientIQ applies to many stages like prospecting, opening doors to new clients, preparing for client meetings, closing deals, securing renewals, customer success, etc.

Does ClientIQ integrate with CRMs?

Yes. ClientIQ can be integrated into major CRMs like Salesforce, Dynamics, etc. All or most ClientIQ client insights for your solutions can be integrated.

Is ClientIQ customizable?

Yes. ClientIQ can be customized to highlight the goals, strategies, and stakeholders’ initiatives most relevant to your solutions. Customized solutions maps show solutions’ business and value of improvement to operational KPIs.

Is education included?

Yes. Embedded action-based learning helps sales organizations quickly apply ClientIQ increasing adoption. Additional fee-based education that is key to sales success is available that enhances financial and business acumen; knowing a client’s industry; and engaging with client executives are also available.

Can ClientIQ help with Private companies?

Yes. ClientIQ includes information on tens of thousands of private companies. Estimated revenue size and the industry in which they compete helps to have conversations with client executives and show your solutions potential business and financial benefits.

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