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Decision-makers at the top want to know how your ideas will improve their bottom line. Our tools and insights equip you to speak the language they understand — the language of finance. Sellers who speak the language of finance outperform those who don't. We can prove it.

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Finlistics is committed to providing an integrated suite of solutions that provide unique financial insights and empower sales professionals.

What We Do

Client IQ

Client IQ

Our premier platform delivers key insights you need to know about your client’s strategy, financial performance, and key decision makers’ priorities.

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Client IQ


Build business skills that last throughout your career. Our webinars and workshops will teach you the essentials.  Core competency areas include Business Insights, Financial Insights, and Industry Insights.

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Client IQ


Master your executive messaging. When you're crunched for time and need a quick impact, we'll do the work for you. Our help with research, account planning, and customizing your go to market message accelerates your time to value.

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Why Financial Fluency Matters

Finance isn't just about the numbers. In fact, you can have a finance discussion without talking numbers at all. Finance is the foundation for the language of business.

There will always be the latest technology trend or business buzzword. Financial Fluency matters because it's a skill that will never become obsolete. The technologies that impact a business change over time. But the core principles of finance are a constant. Learning how to speak to the C-Suite on the issues that matter most is an essential skill. Fortunately, we can help you master it.

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Showing the right value to the right people

Showing the Right Value to the Right People

As a sales professional, you can’t simply sell an idea. You have to prove its value to the organization.

Client IQ delivers insights and analysis to bridge the gap between sales teams and executive decision-makers. With this insight tool, you can build a solid business case, backed by facts and figures.

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Experts in improving sales performance

We’ve helped thousands of sales professionals gain insights into their clients, become more fluent in the language of business, and make business cases that bring home results. And though we have two decades of experience behind us, we’re just getting started.

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  • 98% say they understand more of financial metrics
  • 97% say they can have more C-level conversations

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We’re ready to help you gain business acumen and financial intelligence, and make more sales.

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