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Get In The Mindset Of Your Customer

Client and industry insight you can’t get anywhere else.


Win by knowing your customer’s needs better

Obtain quick and reliable insights about your customers and prospects to drive sales success.


Understand evolving client needs and industry trends

Access valuable information that helps you understand your customers' needs and make informed decisions.


Show tangible value for growth 

With FinListics, you can make data-driven decisions and drive revenue growth.

ClientIQ by Finlistics

ClientIQ is the next level sales motion platform your team needs.

We provide strategic business and financial acumen to prepare all levels of your sales team to call on executive level buyers.

FinListics ClientIO

Level Up Your Language Of Sales


Master insights-led selling so your full sales team can become sales experts.

Prepare your entire sales team with updated trainings to level up financial and business acumen.

Close deals quicker, drive stronger pipeline, and increase sales productivity with the right sales skills and capabilities trainings.

Satisfied Customers

Hear what our satisfied ClientIQ users have to say...

Building Pipeline:
Overall, ClientIQ supports the creation of approximately $4B-$6B of new opportunity pipeline each year."

Partner​, Global Strategic Sales​

Breaking Into New Accounts:
I’ve broken into five white space accounts because of ClientIQ. I leverage ClientIQ’s Pursuit Profiler for my first touchpoint and the ClientIQ Discovery Questions to help hone my messaging."

Brand Sales Specialist, Automation Software Sales​

Finding Prospects:
ClientIQ has definitely helped me in my prospecting... it is a much quicker means to a wealth of information than if I had to research it all separately."

Global Sales, Senior Integration Technical Specialist

Account Planning:
I use ClientIQ for Client Account Planning purposes, in order to identify new opportunities and building our pipeline for future quarters."

Global Sales, Account Technical Leader

Increase Productivity:
It definitely saves me time and makes me more productive."

Infrastructure Sales Specialist

Expanding Effectiveness:
It saves me a lot of time. "Suggested Questions" are a good way to lead a conversation with line of business people."

Principal, Business Automation, Software Sales

Core Customer Interactions:
We use ClientIQ to develop great insights... ClientIQ is a staple in our "Value Pools" creation for our customer presentations.

Kudos to our team for bringing this tool in house!

Strategic Partnership Leader

Strengthen Customer Relations: 
ClientIQ insights has transformed our understanding of the clients’ macroeconomics, strategies, and priorities. I highly recommend ClientIQ to any team seeking to strengthen client relationships."

Partner, Business Transformation Services


“An ideal situation is one where the seller knows our financial performance. Who wouldn’t love for a vendor to be able to have that conversation?”


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