The Financial Selling Series

An exclusive video journey hosted by renowned experts, Dr. Stephen Timme and Ben Cagle from FinListics Solutions.

Master the art of selling in the digital age and make a lasting impact on your customers. In the dynamic new landscape of business, traditional sales tactics have evolved, and it's time for sellers to adapt.


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Perfect Your Financial Fluency with "The Financial Selling Series"

In this compelling video insight series, we empower you to take on the fundamental language of business - finance. Our goal is to help you forge stronger connections with decision-makers and enhance your strategic advantage in sales dialogues. 

Guiding you through this journey of financial fluency are industry visionaries, Dr. Stephen Timme and Ben Cagle. Their financial expertise, business acumen, and sales mastery brings a unique perspective to enterprise selling. 

"The Financial Selling Series" is an essential resource for all sales professionals, especially those in the enterprise selling space, who are keen to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. Seize this opportunity to revolutionize your approach, set yourself apart, and ensure your success in these critical times.

Episode 1: Letters to Shareholders

Discover the untapped potential of shareholder letters to provide valuable insights into a company’s vision, growth strategies, and financial success. We unpack this executive communication to help you decode the CEO’s agenda, capitalizing on growth keywords and leveraging revenue and cost buckets to position your offerings strategically.

Don’t get lost in the minutia – focus on the key financial areas that matter most.

Episode 2: Goals & Strategies

Uncover the key to success as we delve into the art of understanding customer goals and strategies. Learn how to align with your customers' visions, recognize their priorities, and seamlessly connect your solutions to their objectives. Witness the power of relevance and differentiation as we reveal how to outshine your competitors.

Stay focused on what really matters – the financial areas that make the biggest impact. 

Episode 3: Executive Compensation

There’s an art to tactfully discussing compensation. An art that takes practice and preparation. Executive compensation drives decision making for key components such as salary, annual incentives, and long-term incentives. As a sales professional, learn to incorporate this knowledge to engage in more relevant conversations, personalize your proposals, and further align your solutions to your customer’s goals.

In this competitive landscape, you must establish yourself as a trusted partner.  

Episode 4: Financial Performance

Delve into the top financial metrics that drive success and decode the language of finance. Speaking knowledgeably about your customers’ financial performance is the key to unlocking successful conversations with your prospects. Pick up practical tools and invaluable insights to outperform competitors.

Don’t let financial complexities hinder your sales strategy any longer!   

Episode 5: Management Discussion & Analysis

Explore the essential components of MD&A, a treasure trove buried within annual and quarterly reports. Learn how to decipher revenue, operating expenses, and profitability from an executive perspective, unraveling the language of financial performance and empowering you to engage with executives on a deeper, more impactful level.

Harness the potential of financial insights to drive impactful conversations.    

Episode 6: Point of View

Forging a persuasive executive outlook is critical to a successful sales conversation. Dive into a strategy that embraces an executive mindset, constructs rock-solid credibility, and outshines industry rivals. Construct compelling narratives that deftly transition from the “what” and “why” to the crucial “how.”

Maximize your impact by mastering a compelling executive narrative. 

The Financial Selling Series is a great start for improving your sales strategy.  Now unlock the secret to how 90,000+ advanced-level sellers and value engineers consistently outperform competitors and the market.

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