Implement an Insight-Led Sales Enablement Program, with Donna McCurley & Dr. Stephen Timme

Your guide to implementing an Insight-Led Sales Enablement Program. In this two-part video series, Dr. Stephen Timme is joined by Global Sales Enablement Specialist, Donna McCurley.

These episodes will provide you with actionable insights on how to build more productive relationships with your customers.

By walking through a real-world case study, we will explain why every sales team should be focused on delivering value instead of just making deals, and what tools you need in place to build better trust & credibility with your customers.

Insight-Led Selling represents a shift from traditional sales. Focusing on only features and benefits just isn't enough anymore. It is now essential that sellers can quickly demonstrate understanding of a prospect's business, and showcase their solution's real, positive financial impact. With so many companies vying for the attention of the same executive buyers, it is crucial that your sales team:

1) Has access to customer insights at their fingertips
2) Can use those insights to build credibility & communicate with impact

You may be asking yourself, how do I spark this shift in approach within my own organization? Where do I start? Good news. In these episodes, we'll give you the blueprint to start implementing an Insight-Led Selling Sales Enablement program with your sales team.

Click here to watch Stephen and Donna's full discussions about implementing an insight-led sales enablement program. 

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Part I: Full Episode

Part II: Full Episode

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