How to Align Your Solutions with Customer Goals

A critical part of selling to executives is aligning solutions to customers’ goals and showing the business and financial benefits. Yet, research conducted by FinListics shows that only around 25% of sales organizations can do this.

This session provides a framework for aligning solutions to customers’ goals. We explore:

  • Target Audience: Who is the solution trying to attract and/or influence?

  • Competitive Framework: What is the competitive framework from the customer’s point of view? What are the relevant alternatives to the Solution?

  • Relevant Differentiating Benefits: What is the unique selling proposition for the solution? How is it different from other brands in the competitive framework?

  • Reasons to Believe: How are the relevant differentiating benefits supported through the solution business, financial, and emotional benefits?

  • Brand Positioning Statement: Tying all together.

Dr. Stephen Timme, President & Founder at FinListics Solutions, and Ben Cagle, Former Executive at DXC Technology and Hitachi Solutions outline a framework for aligning solutions to customer goals

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