Customer-First Account Planning: Using ClientIQ to Maximize Growth

Q1 is here and you’re up to your ears in creating account plans to optimize your strategy and maximize account growth. But have you stopped to ask yourself, “How customer-focused is this plan?” Are you keeping your customers’ objectives and priorities top of mind so you can help them achieve their goals?

FinListics research has found that 75% of account plans need help in becoming more customer focused. Be part of the 25% who get it right.

Join us on January 31 at 1:00 pm ET for a special ClientIQ user event. Learn how to use ClientIQ to create plans that will not only help you maximize account growth, but also improve your credibility and prepare you to take on your customer’s challenges, and eventually, increase deal size.

We’ll use a ClientIQ case study to...

  • Uncover greater & more relevant customer insights
  • Take an outside-in view of the customer
  • Explore proven ways to build new customer relationships

Don’t be just another seller. Be a customer-focused partner.

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