Customers Have Shifted Gears: Are You Still in the Race? 

The old model of selling “Feature & Function” no longer works when it comes to ever-expanding buyer groups who are already far down the buying journey and much better informed. This enlightening webinar is here to make sure you’re ready to meet them at the end, not just chase them down the road.

Customer behavior is changing, so it's time to shift your thinking from “Sales Leader,” to “Competency Coach.” Are you spending your days just sifting through the numbers? Counting calls, logging meetings, and checking the boxes? Not anymore!

Join us and unlock strategies to step up your game and become a Competency Coach, not just a bean counter. Now more than ever, revenue organizations must know their customers and be able to speak to how their solutions align with your customers’ goals and strategies. How will your team do?

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Changes in buyers' expectations and how to adapt
  • How to better articulate solutions and financial benefits
  • The new role of revenue leaders

Lead by example and help your whole sales team succeed. Make the change and lead the charge.

Customer Growth Expert Janice B. Gordon and Tom Castley, Vice President of Sales at Hook, join FinListics' own Dr. Stephen Timme for a conversation you won't want to miss.

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