From Surviving to Thriving: Creating an Agile Sales Team in Today's Landscape

The revenue tech industry is at a critical juncture. There are new generations of buyers with new preferences for engagement, and plenty of fear about global financial markets.

As a result, B2B sales is changing, and you must revolutionize your approach to enterprise selling to succeed. Buyers are coming to sellers equipped with more information than ever before, and are much harder to reach. Sales teams must adapt to these shifting dynamics using a consultative and data-driven approach to help solve buyer problems and break through their client’s perception that sellers don’t truly understand their business.

Join FinListics Solutions, in partnership with Mediafly, as we explore the challenges facing sales organizations today with this exclusive webinar: From Surviving to Thriving: Creating an Agile Sales Team in Today's Landscape.

This webinar will examine:

  • The changing roles of sales and marketing
  • How to create a more agile, efficient sales team
  • Upskilling your teams to be more relevant to executive buyers
  • Tailoring your sales pitch to individual stakeholders

Walk away with a comprehensive framework for not just surviving but thriving in this kinetic new world of sales.

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