Navigating the Influence Maze to the C-Suite

The larger your deal and enterprise, the more people are involved in making a buying decision; there isn't one 'executive buyer' anymore - they want their team on board before taking any action.

All those different stakeholders make up the “Influence Maze”. Not knowing who is in the “Maze” and how they influence each other will at best extend your sales cycle, and at worst cause you to lose the deal.

This session will teach you the skills required to identify and document your customer’s “Influence Maze” and build a customized Role-Based Plan to help close the deal. This includes things like:

  • Knowing who is involved in the decision

  • Learning to map the relative influence of each stakeholder on an “Influence Maze”

  • Creating a Role-Based Plan to Navigate the Maze to close your deal

  • Identifying the following for each key stakeholder:

    • Areas of financial performance they help manage

    • Strategies & initiatives supporting company-wide goals

    • Operational KPIs on their scorecard

  • Tailoring your sales message to individual key stakeholders.

You’ll hear from industry experts:

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