Uncover B2B Buying Groups to Drive Sales Success

Enterprise buying groups continue to expand which may lengthen sales cycles. But it also affords the opportunity to engage with new buyers. In this video, Dr. Stephen Timme is joined by Sales and Sales Enablement expert, Gordon Galzerano.

A case study is used to explore a framework for identifying and engaging with new buying groups. It includes:

  • Knowing company-wide Goals and Strategies

  • Identifying buying groups’ unique Initiatives

  • Understanding individual groups’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Showing a solution's potential financial benefits most relevant to buyers

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Short on time? Watch these episode highlights.

It Takes a Village

Same Goal. Different KPIs.

The Need for Change

Applying a

Financial Focus

Tell Buyers Something They Don't

Know About Their Own Business

Uncover Your Buyers

Stakeholder Map

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