Announcing User Journeys

October 10, 2023 | Trevor Goss

Finlistics ClientIQ already gives users the power to do robust financial analysis. And if you need all that power for what you want to do today, having access to it is great. But what about those times when you don't need all that power? What about the times when you just want to get something done, quickly and easily.

Enter User Journeys.


What is a User Journey?

User Journeys or just "Journeys" are prompted, guided user experiences that walk the user down the path of getting a specific task done. When a user logs into ClientIQ, he is generally there to DO something. Whether it is to gather data, or perform an analysis, or something else, there is a point for why he logged into ClientIQ. As product designers, our mission is to help a user get that thing done—whatever it is—quickly and easily.

With this thesis in mind, we've developed an entirely new way to think about using ClientIQ, and an entirely new user interface to go with it. Rather than present users with a vast suite of tools they can use to perform many different types of analysis, we've simplified the interface so that it is focused on achieving exactly one objective at a time.

Journeys 1
Journeys 2

Journeys is a totally new way to work, and we think it makes the things you already do in ClientIQ so much better because they're so much faster and easier. But for those times when you want all the power and functionality of ClientIQ as it you've come to know it, it's still right where you left it.

Journeys is currently private beta, but we hope to have it available for everyone soon.


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