Bridging the Customer Knowledge Gap: ClientIQ's Business Goals & Strategies

June 27, 2023 | Trevor Goss

One of the first things all salespeople learn is how to articulate the value proposition of their product or service to a prospect or customer. Understanding what your company does, and being able to explain it to a customer such that they understand it is part and parcel to the sales process.

But let us unpack that a little more. When we explain our product to a customer what are we really doing? Answer: we are explaining the things we believe they should care about. What we’re not doing is focusing on what our customer actually does care about. And part of the reason we are not that it’s often hard for us to know. Sure, we can research our customers and attempt to infer where we think they want to go, and how they want to get there. But we are just guessing.  


What if there was a surefire way to know exactly what our customers care most about for their business?  


Now there is. ClientIQ custom Business Goals and Strategies that are specific to a given company. Previously, users have been able to see goals and strategies within the ClientIQ interface, but they were aggregated at the industry level. While useful, industry-level goals and strategies lack the specificity and nuance that account-level goals and strategies provide. For example, if I know that the automotive industry has a goal to build more electric vehicles, that is quite different than understanding how Ford Motor Company intends to pursue this goal. One is general, the other is specific. In this way, industry-level goals and strategies are good, but account-level goals and strategies are even better! Now, as a salesperson, you can get into your customer’s thinking in a way that was previously hidden. You can direct your pursuit of a customer in a way that speaks exactly to their hot-button issues. Why? Because you know exactly what they are.

Custom Business Goals and Strategies are currently available for top-tier companies. Within ClientIQ, accounts that have custom goals and strategies data will be identified with a label within the search experience as well as the same label on the account record itself. 


In conclusion, the true power of sales lies not in just talking, but in listening - understanding precisely what our customers value and need. With the introduction of ClientIQ Business Goals and Strategies, we are bridging the knowledge gap that has long existed between sellers and buyers. We are moving from educated guesses to informed strategies, shaping our conversations and offerings based on the genuine, specific needs of our customers. The introduction of these features heralds a new era in sales, where we connect deeper with our customers, understand their unique aspirations, and align our value proposition seamlessly with their strategic plans. With ClientIQ's expanded capabilities, we are not just selling more intelligently; we are also forging stronger relationships and fostering enduring partnerships. Learn how you too can start to have deeper and more on point conversations with your customers now!


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