KPIs for Sales Success

March 4, 2020 | Dr. Stephen Timme

A recent survey by FinListics Solutions and Revegy reveals that only around twenty percent of sales organizations really understand their client’s business. Looking deeper into the survey results, the most common responses revealed these challenges:

  • Communicating with clients in industry-specific language
  • Assessing a client’s financial performance and using insights in conversations with them
  • Aligning solutions with a client’s goals, initiatives, and measures of success

FinListics wants to help. How? By introducing the FinListics KPIs for Sales Success. Each series provides an in-depth eBook that focuses on a specific industry, helping you to develop greater insights and ability to communicate with client executives.  For more immediate guidance, you can access a focused snapshot of facts and figures that you can use to quickly understand important metrics of your client’s business. This series we focus on the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. This is a must read if you are selling into CPG or just want to improve your business acumen. Revenue growth is chosen as the first snapshot since it is one of the most important metrics that client executives are focused on as they seek new ways to better manage revenues. New snapshots are released every other week, in which we’ll explore other key areas of performance in CPG.

We will explore topics that help you better understand your clients and ultimately sell more effectively by examining:

  • The most important areas of financial performance
  • Which business functions are focused on the metric
  • Insights into the financial benefits of your solutions

As you review this snapshot, answer the following questions.

  • How does your client’s revenue growth compare to the industry?
  • What are your client’s greatest challenges and what are they doing to improve revenue growth?
  • Which operational KPIs do your solutions help the client better manage?
  • For those KPIs, what’s the benefit of a one percent improvement?


Can’t wait for future snapshots? Just like your favorite Netflix show, you can binge read all CPG snapshots and other content in the KPIs for Sales Success eBook. 

Learn more and download the CPG KPIs for Sales Success eBook now!

Other KPIs for Sales Success series will explore industries like Financial Services, Retail, and Life Sciences. We need your input on what’s important to you, so please take the survey shown below to let us know which industries you’d like to explore. A new industry-specific series is released every month in 2020.

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