Tailoring Solutions and Perspectives: The Final Leap in Client Insight

March 22, 2024 | Dr. Stephen Timme

Rounding out this series on our Seven-Step Developing Client Insight Process, we will shift focus to the critical concluding steps: Solution Mapping and Developing a Point of View. As the culmination of our insights journey, these stages ensure our strategies are not only aligned with client needs but also advocate a forward-thinking approach that positions us as essential to their success.


  • Solution Mapping: This phase is about intricately linking what we offer to the client's specific challenges and objectives. It's where strategy becomes action, guiding us to present our solutions as not merely options but as essential tools for their success.
  • Developing a Point of View: Here, we consolidate all insights to craft a narrative that resonates with the client, highlighting how our solutions can catalyze their strategic goals and address pain points with precision and insight.


Our process is designed to guide sales enablement teams through the multifaceted process of developing deep client insights, from initial goal setting to the strategic alignment of our solutions. In embracing this approach, sales teams will transcend traditional sales tactics, positioning ourselves as indispensable partners in our clients' growth and success.


Putting this process into action will allow your sales enablement teams to deliver solutions that resonate on a deeper level, ensuring your team’s role as trusted advisors is both valued and sustained.

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