Shout Out to FinListics' Awesome Coaches

November 5, 2019 | Dr. Stephen Timme

Eric teaching

I sometimes feel that in business, we don’t show as much appreciation for those who help make a company successful. So as founder and president of FinListics, I want to give a shout-out to our awesome coaches and express my gratitude that they’re a part of FinListics. A few weeks ago, Eric Greene and Buck McGugan facilitated a Financial Selling Workshop for new hires for one of our technology clients. They scored an amazing 97 Net Promoter Score (NPS). Remember that NPS is the percentage of Promoters (score 9-10) less than the percentage of Detractors (score 0-6). A score between 50 – 70 is considered good, and anything above 70 is world-class. Eric and Buck, you are galactic-class! Participants appreciated not only their passion for teaching but also the depth of business experience that they shared with participants to make the topics come to life and, more importantly, how to use them throughout their sales careers. Eric has experience in a range of businesses from Fortune 500 to mid-size to small business and start-ups; he’s been a company President, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, and others. Buck spent 34 years at FedEx and finished his career there as Enterprise Sales Divisional Vice President and was responsible for $6.5 billion in global revenues. 

Eric and Buck are just two of the coaches that help make FinListics successful and a fun place to work - not to mention that having such great coaches helps me sleep better at night. Others with a ton of practical experience include Mike Buoscio, Ben Cagle, Fred Honold, Roger Luca, Yoshiharu Matsui, Jacques Sciammas, Madhav Sivaram, Dave Upton, and Gregoire Vanderveken.

 And one more shout-out. A group of FinListics coaches has conducted over thirty virtual learning programs this year, focusing on Financial Selling to Executives, the participants are seasoned sales professionals. The average NPS has been close to 82. By comparison, Amazon’s NPS is 66, and Starbucks is 77. Okay, so they haven’t matched Tesla’s astounding 96, but with our coaches, I believe anything is possible.

 Again, I want to acknowledge these wonderful coaches. You are very much appreciated by our clients, and I am very grateful you are part of Team FinListics.

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