Leading the transformation of 33,000 sellers and 4,000 sales leader is no simple task. In an environment with fierce competition, flat revenues, and a large portion of revenue coming from a concentrated number of clients, the sales organization needed to expand their relationships outside of IT, and to build the skills to be confident and compelling when speaking with executives.



Using a hybrid delivery model and two key learning partners, IBM built a financial selling program where participants would attend a virtual webinar series to better understand their clients and industry from a financial perspective, and to prepare for a face-to-face workshop. Participants would use our software platform to help build their executive messages and attach business outcomes to their solutions.

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IBM received the ATD Excellence in Practice award for their selling program because they proved fantastic results. Headline results include a 907% ROI on the program, made up of $74M in new business identified, $44M in new business closed, and $64M in existing business closed faster as a result of the program.

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Our premier platform delivers key insights you need to know about your client’s strategy, financial performance, and key decision makers’ priorities.

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