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We help sales teams get meetings at high levels and increase pipeline by leveraging the power of financial analytics and an Insight-Led Selling approach.

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Don't just tout your solutions features & benefits. Show prospects you understand their goals & challenges.

We empower sales teams to gain critical insights into prospects and align their solutions in a meaningful way, all from an easy to use and interactive platform.

See what you can do with ClientIQ

1. Gather Credible Research

2. Get Better & Faster Insights

3. Strategize Your Sales Approach

4. Craft a Value Based Message

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Our solutions are for

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B2B Sellers

Turn your research into real value for your customers.

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Sales Leaders

Get your sales team speaking the language of buyers.

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Value Engineers

Build better business cases for your prospects.

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Sales Enablement

Do better research on your top prospects.

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Why our customers choose FinListics ClientIQ

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IBM experiences 907% ROI with new sales training program & implementation of our ClientIQ platform.

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"Finlistics ClientIQ effectively automates our process to better understand industry trends and drivers as well as a company's specific strategic objectives and potential business outcomes."

William B., Principal Value Engineer


"ClientIQ offers a quick way to formulate a point of view on a company's financial performance, uncover gaps/opportunities and quantify the value that a solution can deliver."

Eric F., Value Advisor

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We make content to educate sellers across the globe.

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Webinar series

The ABCs of Insight-Led Selling

Learn a sales method that stands the test of time. We'll teach you practical ways to: Adopt an Executive Mindset, Build Credibility, and Communicate with Impact.

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Blog post

The Cure to Sellers' Fear of Finance

If you don't love finance, you're not alone. Yet, managing financial performance is one of the most important responsibilities of executives.

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Blog post

3 Types of Risk that Exist Across Industries

As a seller, these risks present an opportunity to both help your customers and make a sale. To do this, you must connect the buyers risks to your solution.

Better understand your prospect's needs

Speak the language of buyers

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