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To sell to a senior executive, you have to speak their language

get the meeting

Senior execs don’t care about your product’s features.

Or its functions.

Very simply… They want to hear about what your business can do for their business.


But how do you prepare for these high level conversations?

How do you determine what will resonate with your prospect?

Enter ClientIQ.

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ClientIQ is a customer intelligence platform that helps you prepare for executive level sales


It helps you generate big ideas that resonate with your prospects:

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Big Ideas

Talk about your big idea, prove why it works, and get your prospect excited
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Align around your customer’s financial and business priorities
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Sell across the organization to different stakeholders
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Establish solution value early in the sales cycle, before discovery

Using ClientIQ, you’ll have the necessary intel about your customer to sell to a senior executive.

Becoming a sales expert doesn’t just happen… even if you use ClientIQ. 

To be an expert on your customer, you need

Customer Insights

Understand the financial and operational realities at a company, and the change your solution can deliver.

Business Knowledge

Understanding how business works at a financial and operational level.

Exec Sales Skills

Combine "what" you know with the right approach to get your prospect to be most receptive

That’s why we built InsightsIQ. 

If the top sales experts in the world created a school to teach what they know about customer centric sales…


That’s InsightsIQ.

It takes more than tools to be an expert.

InsightsIQ builds your financial and business acumen as well as executive sales skills.

The powerful duo of ClientIQ and InsightsIQ gives you the edge needed to outperform your competition in executive-level sales.

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Thought Leadership

Dive into our curated collection of blogs and podcasts, featuring expert opinions, innovative strategies, and transformative trends to increase your financial and business acumen.

Mastering Executive Sales Conversations: Be Ready to Crush Your Sales Meetings with Insights from Industry Experts


Mastering Executive Sales Conversations: Be Ready to Crush Your Sales Meetings with Insights from Industry Experts
Be Ready: Mastering the Art of Selling to Client Executives


Be Ready: Mastering the Art of Selling to Client Executives
7 steps

We know what expertise looks like.

We wrote the book on it.


As competition intensifies in an uncertain economy, the need for immediate 
action to improve the competitiveness of your enterprise B2B revenue organization has never been more urgent. Tomorrow may be too late.

Differentiating from the competition requires dramatic action, and moving to a customer-first culture sets your organization apart. Your customers benefit from the new alignment with more targeted solutions for increased value due to a better understanding of their needs and goals.

Our objective for this eBook is to provide enterprise B2B
revenue leaders with a guide to transforming your organization into a customer-first powerhouse.


“An ideal situation is one where the seller knows our financial performance. Who wouldn’t love for a vendor to be able to have that conversation?”


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