5 Tips for Motivating Prospects

July 2, 2019 | Melody Astley

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There is no magic bullet when it comes to motivating a prospect. It often comes down to being in the right place at the right time with the right solution. Being able to address your prospect’s pain points is critical in any B2B sale and should be a part of any sales process.

As B2B offerings become ever more commoditized, the subjective, sometimes quite personal, concerns that business customers bring to the purchase process are increasingly important. With some purchases, considerations such as whether a product can enhance the buyer’s reputation or reduce anxiety play a significant role. Recognizing the full range of both rational and emotional factors behind business purchases and tailoring the value proposition accordingly, is critical to avoiding the commodity trap.

Arguably, the most critical factor in motivating a prospect is your sales team. As a sales leader, frequently look at your sales process to make sure it is a well-oiled machine. Revisit your training program periodically to see if you could benefit from bringing in outside thought leaders to fine-tune your sales process.

Assuming your sales staff is well trained and running on all cylinders, here are 5 tips to motivate a prospect and shorten the sales cycle for your sales team.


Every business has pain points, and these pain points are sometimes different for each CxO. Doing a thorough research and establishing exactly where your prospects pain points are and how they impact the overall business will give you credibility when you meet with your prospect. Delivering a strong business case early on and being able to present it in a way that is impactful and meaningful to your possible client and their line of business will get the ball rolling faster.



Timing is everything! Savvy CxO’s already know what they need. Contacting them at the right time can often lead to a meeting. Usually, this could be a prospect your sales reps have already reached out to multiple times.

The take away for sales reps is to just keep swimming. Keep putting yourself out there. Be respectful in your campaigns and prospects time, but also be persistent because things change every day. Your message and solution may not resonate today, but who knows? It might just resonate in 30 or 60 days, due to the ever-changing landscape of the marketplace today.



Let’s face it. CxOs are some of the busiest people on the planet and spend a lot of time dodging sales reps from all walks of life. The most comfortable people to create new opportunities with are your current clients.

What is your engagement level with your current client base? When you speak with an existing client, inquire about change within the company. Stay up to date with what is going on with your clients and earn the role of a trusted advisor. Your current clients are already enamored with your solution and customer service. Create demand and motivation by uncovering additional pain points clients could solve by expanding their relationship with you and your company.



As a sales rep, make asking for referrals a part of your sales process. When you are speaking to existing clients, don’t be afraid to ask for the almighty referral. Referrals are great, but introductions are even better. Decide to end your sales meetings with an easy question. “Do you know other people who could benefit from this type of  solution?” If your client answers “Yes,” Great! Ask them if they would be willing to introduce you. Prospects are more likely to be motivated if they are introduced to you by someone they know and trust. Referrals which lead to an introduction is one of the best ways to warm up, what otherwise would be a cold call.



Realize CxO’s are people too. Part of what makes people tick in the workplace is the need to be considered an asset to their company. They want to be respected and valued- bringing on a new solution can make them champions amongst their peers and complete an internal benchmark.


Tapping into your prospect’s emotions can lead your target into introspection, making them more aware of the person they want to be. This key could be the most powerful connection you can make and the most meaningful in terms of your value to them. Your solution could position them better with their clients and make them look like superheroes in front of company stakeholders



Convey the cost of delay to the prospect. You have built your award-winning business case and shown the prospective client how much savings and value they will experience with your solution. Emphasize how delaying the project implementation also impedes the attainment of the more significant benefit your sales rep has already identified.

Every day they procrastinate could keep them from reaching the next level and experiencing the value added and cost savings your solution promises to deliver. Once you have mapped the pathway to the final decision, provide information that either moves them closer to a purchase decision themselves or gives them the ammunition they can use to convince other decision makers.

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