Delivering a Bulletproof Demo with Insight-Led Selling

March 19, 2019 | Ericka Ponce

DemoBlogCongratulations! After months of calling and contacting various people in your prospects’ company, you’ve finally landed a demo meeting with the CxO and their team. As the excitement and jubilation wears off, you realize it’s time to put your presentation and demo together.

Cue ominous music...

This is where most demo meetings begin to take a wrong turn. Sure, you want to impress your prospect with your solution and dazzle them with all the cool features it offers but before you let your enthusiasm take over— STOP and take a deep breath.

Prospects only want to hear about how your solution is going to alleviate their pain points. Do you know what those challenges are? Have you done your homework on what your prospect does and how they do it? Can you show him/her how your solution is going to help improve their bottom line? Have you researched their goals and what the executive compensation incentives are for the executive you are meeting with? If you haven’t, you need to start finding the answers before your big day. Developing the art of insight-led selling will be key to your success.

After you’ve done all your homework, you’ll have your use case and the answers to all the questions that could pop up during your meeting. Most importantly, you’ll have a keen sense of who your prospect is and what they’re trying to achieve. Let’s examine some ways to ensure you deliver your demo in a way that will increase your chances of closing the deal.

First, your demo needs to cater to your prospect’s use case. You may only have 30 minutes to an hour with them. Please don’t waste your time or theirs by getting off track and showing them all your cool features and functions. They aren’t interested.

They want to know how your solution is going to help them solve one or more of their pain points or problems. Quantify their pain point in a way that is relevant to their line of business and be empathetic to their needs when you’re speaking. This will show them that you’ve taken an active interest in their business and truly care about helping them. The more you can fit your solution into their line of business, the more successful you’ll be.

Secondly, engage your prospective client by letting them “drive” while you deliver the narrative. Taking this approach will engage the prospect, show ease of use, and provides you with immediate feedback.

Lastly, be conscientious of time. Your presentation and demo needs to be airtight. You can accomplish this is by talking like a news anchor. It sounds silly, but if you think about it, news anchors deliver easily digestible sound bites. They use plain English and speak in a logical flow. Using the same technique will keep your attention laser-focused on your demo and delivery and show your prospect that you’re efficient, organized, and respectful of their time.

As a result of following these helpful tips, you’re bound to deliver a clear, concise, and meaningful message to your prospect. Bringing you one step closer to closing the deal.


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