FinListics' ClientIQ Named a Top Selling Tool For 2019

June 4, 2019 | Pam Heydinger

2019_smartSellingWith technology involved in almost every facet of business today, the marketplace is becoming more streamlined and competitive than ever before. Savvy sales leaders understand the need to change their practices and invest in technology to assist sales teams with tools to gain advantages over their competitors.

As we look to technology and apps to improve efficiency and save time, Waze comes to mind. It has become the go-to navigation tool to find the best traffic routes. Luckily, for B2B sales, there’s something equivalent to Waze known as ClientIQ. ClientIQ is a powerhouse sales enablement platform developed to assist sales teams to overcome potential roadblocks and save time building their business cases to get in front of the CxO quickly.


A Recognized Leading Sales Enablement Platform

For the second year in a row, Smart Selling Tools has recognized FinListics’ ClientIQ as a leading sales enablement platform which identifies opportunities through company and industry-specific insights. It enables sales professionals to elevate their sales and develop meaningful business cases leading to larger ROI’s. The robust platform quickly and easily offers a holistic view and illustrates the prospect’s financial story to the seller by showing financial metrics, segment data, and, industry trends CxO’s care about and understand.

The 2019 Top Sales Tools Guide found that ClientIQ quickly gives sellers the edge to identify their prospect’s:

  • Goals
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Executive Compensation


It delivers critical industry-insights such as days in inventory, customer churn, and fixed asset utilization. All important components to truly understanding a client’s business.


Unlocking Your Sales Team Potential

As sellers begin to understand where gaps in performance and pain points are between their prospects and peers, users leverage ClientIQ to build their business case around those gaps and help their prospects find solutions to improve their bottom line. Using industry benchmarks, growth, profitability, drivers of profitability, and other critical analytics, sellers can quantify the business benefit their solution delivers.

According to Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools, “Finlistics helps bridge the gap between what your solution does and how it can benefit your customer’s unique company– in other words, it’s a true value to the prospect.”


The Sales Enablement Platform of Choice

Since its development, ClientIQ continues to grow and make advancements to bring its users the most updated analytics available. In recent years, the tool has grown to serve global markets due to its ability to rocket B2B selling to a new level. By using ClientIQ, sellers can attain industry-insights to take their solution and translate it to customer needs. With an average of seven stakeholders involved in every sale, ClientIQ gives sellers the power to speak to all stakeholders in a language they care about and want to hear.

FinListics ClientIQ can be integrated into any sales methodology and quickly delivers the business and financial insights that matter most to clients and prospects. Users credit ClientIQ with hours of prep time saved, increased credibility with customers, and being able to develop unique points of view about their customers and prospects. Companies who invest in the sales enablement platform have reported up to a 900 percent ROI and become trusted advisors to their clients by taking the metrics they find in ClientIQ and truly learning the business of their customers.

FinListics Solutions is proud to be named a 2019 Smart Selling Tool and hopes to share the ClientIQ platform with more users in the upcoming months and years. As continual improvements and upgrades to the platform are made, ClientIQ continues to grow and become a more powerful tool, igniting sales programs across the globe.

Smart Selling Tools is a vendor-neutral analyst and consulting firm that specializes in sales productivity and performance platforms.


To lear more about ClientIQ, watch our on-demand demo.

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