FinListics is Returning to In-person Sales Training & Workshops

May 25, 2022 | Kori Baker

FinListics Solutions' in-person sales training programs & workshops are back!

Our last in-person workshop occurred in mid-February 2020. Like everyone else, we did not realize that in a few weeks we would rapidly switch to full virtual delivery of our workshops and programs for the next two years.


Fast forward and here we are, our first in-person workshop in over two years. We dusted off (literally) our business clothes, brought our marketing materials out of storage, and remembered all the minute details that go with delivering in-person events. Like riding a bike, the muscle memory is there and once we started the process, the details all rapidly returned.


The excitement and joy of being able to deliver learning in person once again are palpable. The buzz in the room, the energy from the facilitators, the voices in the room as people come in and settle – and that is all before we start the day. Once we are underway, the simple ability to be able to walk around the room, observe body language and facial expressions, and the verbal engagement of participants clearly demonstrates how much in-person programs beat virtual. From a learning development perspective, there is an audible sigh of relief of being able to connect again with our participants. This is fun. Like every learning professional will attest to, being able to engage in person far exceeds virtual delivery in terms of understanding, retention, skill development and behavior change.


We continue to deliver our world-class NPS-rated programs and services virtually. If your company is ready to return to in-person learning, we are excited to join you. Contact the team through our website today to learn more about our sales training programs.


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