Managing Hospital Customers Relationships in Uncertain Times

Uncertain times require new ways of thinking about, anticipating, and responding to customer needs. Each industry has specific challenges and key business drivers. Build and strengthen your relationship with your customers by learning an actionable, repeatable, industry-specific analysis and approach to help navigate the impacts of these uncertain times.


In this webinar we’ll look at the Hospitals industry. Specifically, participants are provided insights into:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on hospitals’ financials
  • The types of solution investments Hospitals customers will be making during uncertain times and thereafter
  • Identifying a customer’s goals and strategies, the business units that are aligned and their related initiatives – examples are provided for Hospitals
  • Assessing financial performance and focusing on areas that are most important for Hospitals
  • Aligning your solutions with a customer’s goals, strategies, initiatives, and financial performance
  • Quantifying the value of your solutions


Participant Takeaways

  • A financial performance assessment for one of your customers, the FinListics Company Summary Report.
  • Complimentary access to FinListics Financial Acumen eLearning– this course explores basic financial statements to help you use insights gained to think more like an executive and identify areas of opportunity.

When: May 07th  at 10 AM CST / 11 AM EST

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Moderator and Panelists

Dr. Stephen Timme

Timme is founder and president of FinListics. Over the past two decades, FinListics has helped dozens of companies and thousands of sales professionals better serve their clients by boosting their knowledge of finance and relevant metrics and how their solutions relate to business goals and challenges. “Buying executives want insight not only into how a seller’s solutions can help them achieve goals and implement initiatives, but how much value they can help create,” explains Stephen. It’s no longer enough to recite a solution’s features, functions and superlatives from sales brochures.

Prior to founding FinListics, Stephen was a Professor of Finance at Emory University and Georgia State University, and an Adjunct Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Buck, McGugan

Buck McGugan has 37 years of sales experience in two of the most recognized brands in the world.  After starting his sales career at Xerox, he spent the last 34 years helping FedEx grow from less than a billion dollars in sales to over 65 billion in sales per year. 

During his FedEx career he held numerous leadership positions across multiple sales segments where he created numerous sales organizations - inside sales, national account sales, and corporate sales.